Need to improve communication and collaboration without draining IT resources? Dream of a truly flexible platform to fit your IT needs? Wish you could have it all for a predictable, low monthly cost and reduced capital expenditure?

    As a certified Microsoft® Office 365 (O365) Cloud Accelerate partner, RCM can help by implementing Microsoft Online Services which include:

    • Microsoft Exchange Online
    • Microsoft SharePoint Online
    • Microsoft Office Professional Online
    • Microsoft Lync Online

    This robust set of messaging and collaboration solutions hosted by Microsoft can help you:


    • Get the value of enterprise-level messaging and collaboration services at a reduced overall cost.
    • Enjoy the reliable, world-class software experience you know and trust, hosted and managed on a Microsoft network.
    • Scale your business with a click by using the flexibility of cloud computing to deploy the solutions you need, when you need them.
    • Decrease infrastructure spending while helping increase security and reliability.

    O365 gives your people an intuitive and affordable way to share information, files, business processes, calendars, instant messages, and more. It allows your IT staff to rapidly deploy a consistent, reliable experience, without taking time away from business-critical projects. And it lets you quickly scale your technology investment to fit your business.

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