RCM understands that firms are always looking for new ways to maximize their effectiveness and productivity and become more services-centric. The RCM team is committed to improving business performance and helping professional and legal service firms become more productive.

    By automating administrative processes, efficiently managing case information and providing convenient access to key applications, our solutions help your firm operate at peak efficiency. You will have the ability to quickly and efficiently interact with clients, partners, co-counsel and other associates. We will not only offer you secure collaboration capabilities, but we’ll also provide your practice with immediate, any time access to key personnel and important documents and data.

    Key Solutions





  • “RCM Technologies is, without exception, the best example of “hyper-responsive” I’ve ever seen. During our project, I was impressed with the attention to detail and the depth of technical ability; there has been more than one time when I thought I knew precisely how to approach something, but then changed my mind when exposed to a new perspective.”  

    ~ Bill Case, Manager of Technical Support 
    Peter Basso Associates