Today companies spend sizeable amounts of time, effort and budget designing or upgrading technology solutions. But good design alone is not enough to insure productive and efficient operations. Providing end users with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively use a new system makes the difference between simply using a system and maximizing its full potential.

    At RCM Technologies – Enterprise HR Solutions we offer customized end user training and documentation services to fit your technology project’s unique requirements. With our pre-configured course materials and highly skilled training consultants, RCM supplies the right skills at the right time to the right audience.

    RCM develops effective end user support programs on a wide variety of vendor software packages. Our training solutions offer custom courseware, extensive hands-on training, individualized participant attention and the use of adult learning techniques to ensure the highest level of knowledge transfer.

    Our training and documentation services insure your users are proficient in using your business applications by providing:

    • Custom designed courseware incorporates your organization’s unique policies and procedures into our preconfigured training templates
    • Flexible delivery options to maximize your schedule and training budget
    • Hands-on training exercises that simulate your company’s work environment
    • Thoroughly trained experienced instructors

    RCM’s experienced instructional designers, content experts and change management resources can assist you in designing an appropriate training and documentation solution.

    RCM training services include:


    End-user documentation comes in many flavors – from desktop procedure manuals to online help to job aids. Whatever your preference, RCM can design and develop process and system documentation for your end-users.

    Analysis and Assessment 

    Beginning with a thorough assessment of your training and documentation needs will insure that your technology investment pays off. RCM assists you by conducting a detailed analysis of the level of change occurring in your organization and developing a training plan designed to address:

    • Audience training requirements
    • Training objectives
    • Content design
    • Delivery and scheduling
    • Documentation requirements


    RCM provides flexibility in developing courseware. Options range from pre-configured courseware and exercises to complete custom course design and creation. Working as part of your training team or stand-alone, RCM develops the training materials and documentation your organization requires. Our experienced training consultants incorporate your unique process and system requirements into the content of the training materials and develop exercises to enforce the lessons learned.


    Whether you choose instructor-led training or computer-based training, RCM supports the delivery of your training program. Our training consultants are available to provide training at a central location or at multiple sites. Whatever your requirements are, RCM offers flexible solutions designed to meet your organization’s unique training and documentation needs.