RCM is an industry leader in providing customized software solutions. We work closely with IT and business owners to deliver high quality products that meet our customers’ specific needs. We can implement custom solutions on a variety of platforms including IBM iSeries, Linux, and Microsoft.

    With our custom software solutions, companies have the opportunity to build applications specifically designed for them. By doing so, they avoid future complications and the added business expenses of modifying standard systems. Custom software solutions will also maintain the integrity of key business processes that have made their business so successful.

    Some of the benefits we bring our customers through our tailored software services include:

    Software adaptability - Make the software adapt to the business by designing a solution that preserves and enhances key existing processes.

    Focused spending - With customized solutions, our customers can focus their spending on the areas that are important to the business, rather than paying for features that are not critical to them.

    Competitive advantage - We can develop unique solutions that give our customers a competitive edge and respond faster to new business and market demands without being limited by current product capabilities.

    Flexible integration - Often, custom solutions can be built on existing infrastructure and programming environments allowing for a more flexible integration with existing systems.

    Flexible implementation - With custom solutions, our customers are in control of upgrades to the software and are not subject to vendor and community dictated changes; they also have full control of the implementation and deployment of such solutions.

    Lower total cost of ownership - There are no licensing fees or royalty fees involved; our customers pay only for the cost to develop, implement, and support the solution. With flexible integration, customers are able to leverage existing hardware and further extend the savings.