The opportunity to grow up in a healthy stable home is the RIGHT of every child, not a privilege. This single objective is the focus and philosophy of all Health and Human Service Programs. Achievement of this goal requires the marriage of both government agencies and private industry working side by side in a collaborative effort to ensure all children are afforded this basic right.

    At RCM we recognize that an imbalance exist, our mission is to participate in aiding both state and federal agencies to assist all children in allowing them an equal opportunity to recognize their dreams and to succeed in life.

    At RCM we have organized our National Health and Human Services Practice to address these needs through new technologies and leadership provided by our highly experienced professionals. In addition to leading-edge technical skills, our consulting teams bring a wealth of knowledge and hands on experience in all areas of Health and Human Services, including:

    • Child Support
    • TANF
    • Food Stamps
    • Medicaid
    • Child Welfare

    Our Human Services Practice Consultants each have on average over 20 years of experience working with Statewide Automated systems projects and leading large-system implementations from multiple states providing services for Consulting, Project Management, Training Development and Delivery, WBT/CBT development, Learning Management System (LMS) development, Implementation, On-Site Support and Help Desk Operations. Our team members are not just delivery specialists that also have true hands on knowledge and experience with each of the programs. All RCM staff began their careers working in the field within the Health and Human Services community.

    This program knowledge and real life background coupled with their extensive delivery experience provides them exceptional insight into the needs of the field staff and results in a strong bond and acceptance with end users.